Green Screen Studio Hire

  • Massive 8.5m×3m green screen & floor suitable for 1 to a large group of people, full body

  • Spacious room with a high ceiling & fully ducted air-conditioning

  • Fluoresent lighting, boom mic (with mic preamp) included in the minimum hire

  • Optional camera operator with 1080p or 4k video & teleprompter

We provide the perfect environment, amenities & recreation area, sealed off from the outside world, allowing you to create professional video footage in a stress free environment.
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Green Screen Studio Hire

Did you know video is the best way to catch interest, hold attention and make a meaningful impression with your clients, customers and audience?

You too can take advantage of our fantastic facility and hire it for your own production. Our rates are surprisingly low if you wish to bring your own gear starting for as little as $55 per hour and still including all lighting and boom mic plus mic preamp. Don’t have the gear, no worries, we have it all, even then, we won’t blow your budget.

Based on Queensland’s Gold Coast, and serving clients from all over Australia over the last 3 decades, Sherwell Studios has the know-how to deliver the finest results possible.

A huge 8.5mx3m green screen with floor suitable for 1 to a group of people, full body.
A spacious room with a high ceiling & fully ducted air-conditioning.
Fluoresent lighting, boom mic (with mic preamp) included in the minimum hire.
Additional extras are camera operator with optional 1080p or 4k video. Also a teleprompter and operator.
A relaxing environment sealed off from the outside world with a recreation waiting area and amenities.

Sherwell Studios’ combination of corporate video production, leading animation capabilities, likeable presenters, voiceover experts and track record can make your message stand out.

Sherwell Studios experience and skill in video production can create content that can train your staff, educate your users or, simply, send memorable messages. Turn to Sherwell Studios’ for great video, audio, motion graphics, animation and production services.

Green Screen Studio, Gold Coast

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Recreation Area

We also have a large recreation area for those long sessions for your clients, crew or guests to relax until needed.

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    What our Customers Say

    Absolutely brilliant guys. Gave me goosebumps!! My wife loves it, I showed a couple of colleagues they said its very well done…so well done. The message is clear the video graphics match the words. In the short period of time the video lasts for you can really grasp what pitchus is all about. It really is a job well done. Thank you very much.
    Michael Thomas, Pitchus Limited
    I have dealt with iPresenters twice now, and both times I had no problems. Their system is flawless and when I required help I received all the help and information that I required. Their approval system guaranteed us being happy with the end result and is what sold us on iPresenters. That said, they got it right the first go. Thanks guys!
    Robert Bailey, Melbourne
    Our list of requirements was extensive with a demand for international content. After intense searching and many evaluations, I determined Sherwell Studios was to be the best solution. We have never looked back!
    Zane Lucas, Trustico Ltd