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We make all types of animated videos

Sometimes you need to create a character with specific expressions and personality to convey your message. All our videos are made in house at our Queensland production studio by our team of experts with almost 50 years shared experience.

A video that displays and demonstrates a product in action is far more effective than any instruction manual. It’s a versatile approach that gets you reliable results every time.

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Here are some reasons why you should consider Sherwell Studios for your next motion graphics video project:

  • Job done 100% in Australia
  • Competitive pricing
  • Guaranteed high quality product
  • Fast turn-around (some projects within 24 hours)
  • Over 25 years in business
  • Expert advice on projects

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Live-action video is good for making a personal connection with your audience, but when you need to show them a truly new concept, animation is the answer. Specialising in both 2D animation as well as advanced 3D techniques, Sherwell Studios’ in-house skills means there is no gap between imagination and illustration.

Having a bunch of text and maybe even a few photos in a proposal isn’t really going to cut in today’s modern media. You can liven up your tender by using an animated video.
A PowerPoint slide show with a bunch of words and pie charts won’t engage anyone. However, a well-produced video with all the information ‘animated’ delivered with a powerful script can capture the attention of your audience without question.
Animated videos are especially helpful if you have a product or service that is complicated to explain. Remember “A pictures is worth a thousand words”, therefore a video must be worth a million.
The next time your business needs to pitch to a client or tender a new project, consider a video to secure the job.

Animation videos have some advantages over other videos styles like ‘live action’ for example. Animation videos have no boundaries, they can take place in any environment imaginable. There’s nothing you can dream that you can’t turn into an animation and at a fraction of the cost if you had to reproduce it in live action.
Animation videos bring out the child in all of us. It’s entertaining and watchable through to the end. Everyone young and old loves animation therefore your demographic audience is practically… everyone!

There are many styles of videos out there that business use to get their message out; live action, explainer videos, info graphics, motion graphics and whiteboard animations. However, one style does stand out and is extremely popular. Cartoon animation.
There are a number of benefits with cartoon animation videos that we cover in other videos but yet another one that I can share with you today is ‘more flexibility and control’. The ability to perform last-minute changes more easily is what makes animation an appealing option for small business videos.

When you have a product or service that is always evolving, being able to make cost effective changes can be important. Changing a graphic or a character’s clothing or the colour of a product is much more cost effective than having to worry about booking a production crew, arranging actors again and worrying about actors ongoing fees.
By going with an animated video, you’re able to control a lot more of the style and tone of the video and you’re not limited to just human characters. With a good design and fun animation, you’re able to accomplish things that are much more difficult with live action.