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Established way back in 1988, Sherwell Studios has 3 decades of experience in the music recording industry. Our recording facility comes complete with a quality range of hardware and software plugins. Due to our lengthy time in the industry we are proud to still have our trusted 2″ 24 track tape machine along side our Pro Tools digital recording system. With analogue making a comeback you have the choice here at Sherwell Studios to record with the ‘sound’ of your choice.

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Our range of hardware and plugins is second to none. Not only do we have a huge array of software plugins within Pro Tools, we also boast a quality choice of external hardware from pre amps, valve and solid state compressors to EQ’s. A musicians dream come true. A true external hardware rack it the ultimate road to achieving a world class sound and no one does it better that Sherwell Studios.

If you’re looking to record the give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll endeavour to offer you the best deal and provide you the ultimate recording environment possible to complete your musical project. We have decades of experience and can assist you with any questions you may have. So call us today on 55 649 600 and let Sherwell Studios be your musical partner.

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  • Fully array of hardware & software plugins

  • Huge range of microphones, dynamic, condenser and ribbon

  • Air-conditioned and completely sound proof facility

  • A variety of guitars available from acoustic to electric

  • Other instruments include piano, synth and drums

  • Both Pro Tool, 2″ 24 track and 1/4″ machines

  • Competitive, realistic pricing. Set rates available

  • 30 years of experience in engineering & mixing