Who We Are

Based on Queensland’s Gold Coast and producing corporate, web and social media videos for businesses all over Australia, dozens of businesses like yours rely on Sherwell Studios. When they need video content that catches attentions and delivers a message, they choose a video production studio that has a proven track record.

As one of the foremost video production houses on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Sherwell Studios relies on up-to-the-minute techniques and three decades of experience across Australia to create all forms and formats of engaging audio-visual campaigns and messaging.

Doing Video Differently

Always looking forward, Sherwell Studios is built on three decades of experience as a video production house.

Because we always keep up with the latest media, internet and technological trends, the studio delivers outstanding promotional, web, animation, motion graphics and explainer videos right across Australia. We can even come to you, on-location, to film your special story.

If you need a video, contact Sherwell Studios.

Why Choose Us

Here are some reasons why you should consider Sherwell Studios for your next motion graphics video project:

  • Job done 100% in Australia
  • Competitive pricing
  • Guaranteed high quality product
  • Fast turn-around (some projects within 24 hours)
  • Over 30 years in business

  • Expert advice on projects

Why video

Unlike brochures or written copy, video content actively reaches out to audiences – making your message memorable.

Engagement with a promotional video can pull the audience from interest to action. Using a corporate video can deliver a complicated business message more clearly than a page of graphs and numbers.

Posting interesting and engaging videos on social media is a surefire way to get likes and shares. Ever wonder why videos go viral, but status updates don’t?

Simon Sherwell

Simon’s career in all things film and TV began when he completed a diploma in audio engineering in 1986 after leaving high school at the end of year 11. He then started his own small studio recording bands in 1988. It was tough to be taken seriously in business at 19.

Once in the digital domain, video became a logical extension to what he already did. He entered a field he became an absolute natural at – Editing.  Just one year later – another string to the bow – Camerawork. Producing corporate videos and TV commercials then led to an opportunity to own and produce a 30min TV lifestyle show on the local channel TEN call “Gold Coasting”.

Producing high end TV for 50 weeks of the year for 4 years really taught Simon the importance of deadlines. The importance of keeping a production on time.

From 2006 to the present day he has developed and mastered the art of 3D motion graphics and apply it to make truly remarkable video.

After 30 years in the industry he has learnt there’s a right way to make a video and a wrong way. If you want a video that works then consider Simon the Video Rain Man.

Boost Your Business With Video

Contact Sherwell Studios today for a free, no-obligation scripting formula. It’s the the first step in turning your idea into living, breathing, talking video.

Simon Sherwell
Simon SherwellDirector
Simon established Sherwell Studios back in 1988 and has a long professional track record. His vast knowledge and experience give you the peace of mind of receiving a quality video.
Alex Sherwell
Alex SherwellEditor
Alex is the most recent team member to join the family business. Alex brings a fresh approach to editing to help keep Sherwell Studios ahead of the curve.
Chris Parsons
Chris ParsonsProducer/Presenter
Chris has been with the team for over a decade and is also a freelance producer presenter with Channel 7 Brisbane hosting TV programs. Chris brings that broadcast professionalism to Sherwell’s production team.
Brooke Lowther
Brooke LowtherHead Presenter
Brooke has over a decade of experience in front of the camera. One of our professional video presenters, Brooke knows exactly how to relay a message to your potential customers.
Tyson Allen
Tyson AllenAnimator
If you want to know what the new generation likes in animation, Tyson knows. Always at the forefront of graphic design, Tyson applies the current theme to bring you award winning video animations.
Nick Bowden
Nick BowdenWhiteboard Artist
The man behind the hand. All our whiteboard animations are drawn by Nick. Ever since high school, Nick is a master with the pen and paper. He can certainly bring your product or service to life with the right drawings.
Lindy Sherwell
Lindy SherwellCopy Writer/Photographer
Lindy has been on the scene the longest. Her writing achievements date back to the 80’s. You need a great script with the human touch, Lindy is the person for the job. Also a fabulous photographer, when we need still images, we send Lindy out to take them!
Erin Connor
Erin ConnorHead Voice Over Artist/Presenter
You need that silky voice for your video? Maybe a hard sell? How about something serious or light hearted is more you style? Erin has the voice. We have many voices to choose from however Erin is our most seasoned professional. Choose Erin for your next voice, you won’t regret it.