Video Site Affiliates

Our other affiliate pages go into more detail on the particular services we offer. If you want to find out more information on these other services, corporate videos, business videos and video editing, just click through to those sites to find out more about Sherwell Studios approach and how we can assist you and your business to make your next video do more for your marketing.

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    Simon Sherwell
    Simon SherwellDirector
    Simon established Sherwell Studio back in 1988 and has a long professional track record. His vast knowledge and experience give you the peace of mind of receiving a quality video.
    Alex Sherwell
    Alex SherwellEditor
    Alex is the most recent team member to join the family business. Alex bring a fresh approach to editing to help keep Sherwell Studios a head of the curve.
    Chris Parsons
    Chris ParsonsProducer/Presenter
    Chris has been with the team for over a decade and is also a freelance producer presenter with Channel 7 Brisbane hosting TV programs. Chris brings that broadcast professionalism to Sherwell’s production team.
    Brooke Lowther
    Brooke LowtherHead Presenter
    Brooke has over a decade of experience in front of the camera. One of our professional video presenters, Brooke knows exactly how to relay a message to your potential customers.
    Tyson Allen
    Tyson AllenAnimator
    If you want to know what then new generation likes in animation, Tyson knows. Always at the forefront of graphic design, Tyson applies the current theme to bring you award winning video animations.
    Nick Bowden
    Nick BowdenWhiteboard Artist
    The man behind the hand. All out whiteboard animations are drawn by Nick. Ever since high school, Nick is a master with the pen and paper. He can certainly bring your product or service to life with the right drawings.
    Lindy Sherwell
    Lindy SherwellCopy Writer/Photographer
    Lindy has been on the scene the longest. Her writing achievements date back to the 80’s. You need a great script with the human touch, Lindy is the person for the job. Also a fabulous photographer, if it’s still images that’s needs, Lindy is the person we send.
    Erin Connor
    Erin ConnorHead Voice Over Artist/Presenter
    You need that silky voice for your video? Maybe a hard sell? How about something serious or light hearted is more you style? Erin has the voice. We have many voices to choose from however Erin is our most seasoned professional. Choose Erin for your next voice, you won’t regret it.