We specialise in short run CD & DVD duplication with our Epson robotics duplicator. It’s the best on the market for on-disc printing giving you the most vibrant printing results achievable on short run duplication. CD & DVD short run Duplication is one of the fastest ways turn around your project. Whether it’s just 10 or 200, we can usually turn runs around in 24 hours.

Our full colour disc printing is all inclusive in our price. All that is required is your disc master and cover print file scaled to fit your disc layout. We can accept most file formats.

There are a variety of choices for disc packaging. You have the traditional hard plastic CD case or tall DVD library cases, right down to the paper sleeve, clear plastic sleeve or the most popular, clear soft plastic ‘mail-it’ cases. They come in round and square. Some can even fit a paper insert.

Contact us today on 0755 649 600 for a quote on your next duplication project.

Here at Sherwell Studios we are also proud to be the very first to bring short run CD duplication to Australia. Way back in 1997, we purchased the first Rimage CD duplicator in Australia offering short run CD duplication up to as many as 200+. At the time you could only buy one at a time or have a minimum of a thousand replicated.