by Heather Clark – Video Brewery

One of the most important aspects of any startup’s launch is their marketing plan.

A smoothly executed communications plan can lead to almost instant success (see Dollar Shave Club‘s meteoric launch). On the flip side, a poorly thought out or executed plan will result in slow sales growth and small market traction.

Every chance a startup gets to describe their product or service, is an opportunity to capture a new lead or user. One of the easiest ways to maximize any website view is to use an explainer video on your homepage. Here are 5 reasons why!

Introduce people to your product/service

As a startup you’ve come up with a great idea, have a great team, and work in a great location. Upon your launch, it’s time to introduce your company to your target audience!

An explainer video accomplishes this in a quick and memorable way. Video generates business by explaining your product or service to a potential user easily. Your company only has one opportunity to create a first impression, a video will grab your customer’s attention, and keep it.

Your Culture

The internet is an opportunity to extend your customer’s connections beyond your current locale. Consumers still make purchase decisions based on emotions and loyalty. As well as learning about your product and service, customers want to know about the culture of your new business and you.

A video gives you a chance to showcase far more personality and a human approach than text. Within your video you can use music, animation, or even interesting characters, to say a lot about what makes your company unique.

We love the new video that our sister company produced. It perfectly balances what they do with the company culture!

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Produce a Simplified Message

As a startup, you have spent an incredible amount of time working on your product or service. You are an expert in relation to all your product’s features and benefits. Yet, at times this knowledge can create a negative impact. You can lose track of being able to articulate the most valid ‘What’s in it for you?’ statement.

Video can help refine your pitch to a simplified message. Writing your script forces you to highlight the core features that relate to your customers. If you’re working with a video professional, they will have experience with refining a message down to its most resonant elements. Your end video creates a message that is actionable for your target customer.
Be Memorable

People remember only 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see.  Yet, we remember an incredible 70% of what we hear and see. Video captures this power and allows you to stand out in potential customer’s minds long after they’ve left your website.

On top of this, a video allows you to pair a simple message to an emotion (humor, hope, trust, etc.) through the use of imagery, motion, music, scene setting, etc., making it stick with viewers. Purchase decisions are still made based on emotions, video allows you to create a memorable, emotional tie to customers.
Awareness/Organic SEO

Sites can double their organic search traffic by including a video thumbnail in search rankings. An explainer video gives you the potential to expose your company to a larger audience base. On top of this, videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to show up on the first page of search results. To maximize your SEO you should be including video as a core element of your marketing strategy.

Videos will introduce your product, service, and culture to your target audience. It simplifies messages and conveys them in a memorable way. Most importantly, it delivers fantastic results and should be a key part of any startup’s marketing strategy. As you plan for your startup’s launch, make video a key part of your communication plans.

Bonus Stat:

A recent study suggests that 85% of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching an explainer video. Explainer videos increase the understanding level of potential customers because a video clearly shows the product benefits and features. Often you display how the product can  solve a particular problem or fill a distinctive need.

Video playback data can illuminate which product features potential customers find confusing (they’ll repeat that section of video) or which features are not interesting (you’ll see a drop in viewership). That data allows you to refine your message and win more sales.