Using a voiceover in your video productions is an inexpensive way to take your video to the next level of professionalism.

You know that funny feeling you get when you hear your voice and you think you sound silly? Well that’s the difference between your video having a professional voiceover, compared to you doing it yourself or with someone from the office.

The difference it makes is well worthwhile. Compare this video to this video It really gets you and your brand the level of respect it deserves.

Choosing the voice talent can be tricky, and we at SHERWELL STUDIOS will guide you through this.

We have a vision for your video and know what message you are trying to deliver for you to get the best result. We usually offer 2 or 3 voice options that deliver the message in the way we think is right for the job and you choose from them.

A voiceover artist is fantastic at taking direction so if you want a certain sound, or a message delivered a certain way, or an accent; they will be able to accommodate. If we still aren’t sure what style of voiceover we require, the recording studio is fantastic at offering other voice options.

The voiceover is recorded in a professional recording studio.  They deliver master audio files back to our studio and it’s ready to be dropped into the edit.

There is nothing you have to do once the script has been approved. If you need help writing a script we can help you with that too. We have scriptwriters that can start with nothing and get the information out of you through meetings, or they can take existing documents and mould a new script. Alternatively you could have a go at the script yourself and we could give it a polish so it’s ready for video… easy simple sentences and paragraphs… easy to digest by your video viewers.

Male or female voice? I think it all depends on the message you are trying to deliver and the level of emotion you want to add.

You definitely don’t need a voiceover in your videos… many videos just have music, but delivering your message in as many ways at the same time is key to hitting the message home. Getting a VO to talk while the words they are saying are coming up on screen… your audience get the information with audio and video and it will sink in faster.

The voiceover makes editing easier and often speeds up the editing process as they have words and then just need to match the vision.

You can always make changes with the voiceover. We can either use a new voiceover artist (which will of course double the initial cost) or we can do ‘pickups’ which are just small re-recordings to the minor parts of the original recording while using the same voiceover artist (and a fraction of a cost than re doing the entire recording).

If there is anything else you would like to know about the voiceover recording process or the use of video marketing in general give our team at SHERWELL STUDIOS a call…