Whiteboard Animation Videos Drawn By An Artist, Not Software!

Use one of our talented artists and create a custom ‘whiteboard’ video about your product, services or business. All our videos are made in house at our Queensland production studio by our team of experts with almost 50 years shared experience.

A video that displays and demonstrates a product in action is far more effective than any instruction manual. It’s a versatile approach that gets you reliable results every time.

Why Choose Us

Here are some reasons why you should consider Sherwell Studios for your next motion graphics video project:

  • Job done 100% in Australia
  • Competitive pricing
  • Guaranteed high quality product
  • Fast turn-around (some projects within 24 hours)
  • Over 25 years in business
  • Expert advice on projects

    Information-dense messaging can be intimidating, yet there are ways to make it friendly. The personal sensibility of a hand-drawn whiteboard animation can overcome your audience’s “bandwidth barrier”. After all, if a video can illustrate your message with a pen on something as commonplace as a whiteboard, how hard can it be? It’s a novel and inclusive way to foster a closer connection between you and your audience.